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G-Force, a brand new supplement for your teeth, is something no one thought would exist.

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G-Force Review

The term, G force, refers to the cleaning power of a toothbrush. The level of toothbrush brushing, using a standard soft bristled toothbrush, varies from person to person. In the United States, the recommended amount of toothpaste to use on the teeth is two cups of toothpaste. Many people question the need for this much toothpaste, and they wonder how a toothbrush can clean so many pieces of food in so little time. This toothbrush force, measured in newtons, is equal to the pull of gravity.

The gravitational force, or more commonly, ‘g’ force, is a measure of the amount of force per unit volume, typically acceleration- that creates a sense of weight, with an equal g- Force of one or equals the traditional value of gravity on Earth, ‘g’, of about 9.8m/s. This force, during a flight, creates much of the drag that pilots experience. This drag decreases an airplane’s oxygen intake and also decreases the amount of fuel that is carried by the plane during a flight. A pilot’s awareness of these effects is what helps him or her avoid these undesirable effects, which create a safer flight.

What Is G-Force?

G force exerted through the air is usually referred to as Pulse Oximeter based measurements.As a fighter pilot you are required to have an optimum oxygen consumption, and your ability to move at high altitudes. You must be able to perceive where you are in relation to all objects in the environment. Your vision is constantly changing, constantly being adapted to current conditions and your future vision. Your vestibular system depends on constant inputs from your eyes. If you do not have a naturally fit, well-balanced nervous system, this could create problems for your central nervous system, and your vision would not be able to function properly.

The idea is, when a pilot is not consciously aware of applying G force, his eyes can still sense where he is in relation to objects in the environment, using the effects of G force. It is estimated that only a fraction of one percent of United States commercial pilots apply this type of measurement while flying. Commercial pilots spend up to two hours per day, thirty-five days per year in a high altitude flying zone, so clearly the effects of G forces are very significant. One commercial pilot estimated the potential damage to the visual system of a commercial airliner, considering the potential for all passengers to be launched out of the airplane due to the effects of G forces.

How Does G-Force Work?

According to some pilots the way that they see the world depends on their perception of G force and how it interacts with objects in the environment. For instance, if they view objects at different angles then the resulting picture will differ depending on the angle they view. This is often called the “gravimetry effect”. According to some studies, the gravity effect is more extreme for pilots than the weightlessness or aerodynamic lift created by the airplane.

During combat, the fighter pilots have to rely on their G-force awareness and calculations to help them win the aerial battle. In fact, fighter pilots are trained to ignore the effects of aerodynamic lift, take into account the G force emitted by their engines and use it to their advantage to strike their opponents. Some say that a fighter pilot relies on his G force awareness to keep him functioning even during a near-death experience (NDA) in which his oxygen system stops running.

Benefits Of G-Force

  • G-Force prevents bleeding and promotes healthy gums.
  • G-Force helps you to eliminate bad breath.
  • It whitens your teeth, so you can smile confidently and without worrying about what others think.
  • It cleans your teeth of plaque and bacteria.
  • It’s easy to eat and produces great results.
  • It provides vitamins and boosts your immunity.
  • Although there are many benefits, the most important are the ones listed.


  • G-Force can be used by everyone, at any age, and is 100% natural.G-Force is a product for sensitive teeth.
  • These ingredients help to reduce swelling and preserve good breath.
  • G-Force products can also be used to maintain general health.
  • The added ingredients can also help eliminate harmful substances.
  • G-Force can also improve the health of your gums, and nerves.
  • G-Force is a supplement that can help you achieve whiter and healthier teeth in just days.
  • G-Force provides all the nutrients you need for optimal oral health.
  • This nutritional G-Force supplement supports your oral health and detoxifies your saliva.


  • G-Force can only be accessed online. G-Force is not available offline.
  • Individual results can vary depending on your dental condition. Do not exceed the recommended dose.


Although some say that a pilot should ignore aerodynamic drag and lift effects to win a dogfight or to fly at Mach speed, a fighter pilot must use aerodynamic aids such as wings, flaps, landing gears and a ‘g’ force. The purpose of these aids is to reduce the air drag created by the airplane. Using this information, a pilot can calculate how much fuel he needs to burn to reach a specific altitude and speed. According to the United States Air Force, the fighter pilot must have at least a theoretical understanding of G force and the associated thrust on his plane in order to successfully control the aircraft.

Other pilots believe that a fighter pilot should have a working knowledge of gravity as well as the G force. A fighter pilot has to make use of his viscerosomatic apparatus or sense of balance in order to keep from falling out of the sky. In fact, many pilots say that falling out of the sky is not the fault of the pilots, but rather, it is the fault of the plane’s design, materials and components that are not designed for long-term viability.


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