Cacao Bliss Reviews: Real Benefits or Fake Results?


Cacao Bliss is the feel-good potent delicious superfood found from the very rare best source on the planet. Where can you purchase it? What are the health benefits of Cacao Bliss?

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Cacao Bliss Review

Cacao Bliss is a ceremonial grade raw cacao powder that may be utilised in a variety of ways, allowing users to enjoy chocolate while also reaping the advantages of superfood use. With cacao bliss, a raw cacao powder, you may enjoy the health advantages of superfoods without giving up the deliciousness of chocolate. The delectable chocolate superfood blend made by America’s top health coach, supplemented with pure herbal extracts rich in antioxidants, and conveniently packed in resealable bags makes it easy for health-conscious chocolate fans to portion out each serving as desired.

They have developed a decadent guilt-free treat using the purest cacao powder on the planet, which is known to increase mental focus, natural energy levels, and appetite control, in collaboration with Earth Echo Foods, the maker of the delicious chocolate drink Danette May, and the business providing cacao supplements. Cacao Bliss components are simple to eat and beneficial to use because they contain rockstar superfoods like turmeric, MCT, monk fruit, lucuma, cinnamon, black pepper extract, Himalayan sea salt, and mesquite.

We’re looking at Cacao Bliss by Danette May to see what the science has to say about the pure chocolate superfood powder combination from Earth Echo Foods, which is USDA-certified vegan, keto-friendly, and devoid of dairy, gluten, and soy. Here, we’ll examine the several inventive applications for this nutritious chocolate superfood from Danette May, including smoothies, hot beverages, coffee that gives you more energy, and delectable chocolate desserts.

What is Cacao Bliss?

Cacao Bliss is a potent Superfood Elixir Blend that was especially created to look after your health, promote weight loss, decrease appetite, experience inner peace, and make you joyful. Standard American Diets, or the Western example diet, have undergone significant change in recent years due to a number of factors, including the prominence of sugary and prepared food choices with low wholesome substance. Poor eating habits are one of the main drivers of the rise of chronic medical issues in the US, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

For instance, the prevalence of diseases like weight has significantly increased. According to the CDC, roughly 19% of children and teenagers between the ages of 2 and 19 are obese. Furthermore, managing obesity is a problem for more than 40% of the adult population in the US. The medical condition also increases the risk for both children and adults to develop other diseases such type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and shockingly certain types of disease.

For this reason, health professionals always advise preventing obesity and related diseases. Avoiding bad food types and maintaining a healthy eating routine are the easiest ways to do this.

Supplements like Cacao Bliss Reviews by Danette May can aid people who struggle to refrain from eating sweet foods. Its amazing equation can persuade people to consume just specially created snacks and beverages, which are much better and contain fewer calories.

How Does Cacao Bliss Work?

A special kind of chocolate called cacao bliss promotes both physical and mental wellbeing. It is abundant in oxytocin and anandamide, two natural substances that can:

  • To experience love for oneself and for others
  • Give users genuine joy and euphoria
  • It can strengthen relationships with others.

The two substances boost memory, hunger, and motivation by enhancing neurotransmission. Antioxidants found in cacao bliss powder improve cellular health and strengthen the body’s defence mechanisms. The antioxidants also reduce inflammation. According to Danette, the supplement can also restore hormonal balance and speed up metabolism. As a result, consumers are likely to lose weight more quickly and experience hassle-free energy improvement. Similar to that, Cacao Bliss can boost users’ libidos and enhance their sexual health.

The cacao bliss in Earth Echo contains no stimulants. It improves moods, encourages relaxation, and can help people get better-quality sleep. The chocolate-flavored powder also enhances the functionality and health of the brain. Without causing any adverse effects, it gets rid of body and brain weariness.

Intestinal flora health can be improved by cacao bliss. It strengthens the immune system, balances natural hormones, and benefits the digestive tract.

What are the Ingredients of Cacao Bliss?

To emphasise the health advantages even more, Danette has combined raw cacao bean powder with a number of other superfoods.

Cacao Bliss Ingredients
  • Cacao bean
  • MCT Oil
  • Turmeric
  • Himalayan sea salt
  • Cinnamon
  • Monk fruit extract
  • Lucuma
  • Mesquite pods powder
  • Black pepper

Cacao Bean

The main component is cacao beans. Unbelievably, it can also be one of the healthiest. Magnesium, which is abundant in raw cacao, helps you fight weariness. It includes anandamide, sometimes known as the “bliss molecule.” By increasing serotonin levels in your brain, this ingredient makes you feel at peace and joyful.

Antioxidants included in cacao give you a youthful appearance and lower inflammation. It benefits your skin, digestion, prevents cavities, lowers your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, and manages type 2 diabetes. Cacao is also a fantastic source of zinc, iron, and B vitamins.


It’s likely that you haven’t heard about MCT oil if you’re not an expert in health. That’s okay; before investigating the contents in Cacao Bliss for this review, neither had I. Medium-chain triglycerides, or MCTs, are saturated fatty acids that are present in coconut oil and palm oil.

Lauric acid, which is present in MCT oil and has excellent antibacterial effects. It’s great for anyone trying to lose weight because it increases metabolism and makes you feel full after eating a meal or snack. It can offer you an energy boost when you need it the most, reduces blood sugar levels, and is healthy for your brain and intestines.


In India, turmeric has been consumed for thousands of years as a nutritional supplement. It contains curcumin, a potent ingredient that has similar anti-inflammatory properties to certain current medications but none of the drawbacks. Additionally loaded in antioxidants, turmeric has been shown to enhance cognitive performance and reduce the risk of heart disease. According to studies, it can be used to both prevent and treat cancer. It works well as an antidepressant as well.

Himalayan Sea Salt

Nothing enhances the sweetness of any sweet food like a dash of salt. Himalayan sea salt enhances the flavour of Cacao Bliss powder while also providing a tiny bit of healthiness to the mixture. Since Himalayan Sea Salt is untreated and does not contain any additives, it is substantially healthier than normal salt.


Heartburn and digestive issues have long been treated at home with cinnamon. It decreases levels of harmful cholesterol and blood pressure. Antioxidants found in it are abundant and can lower the risk of cancer and other disorders. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Research suggests that we have only begun to explore cinnamon’s enormous possibilities. According to studies, cinnamon may be used to treat diabetes 2, metabolic disorders, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and HIV.

Monk Fruit Extract

Since ancient times, monk fruit extract has been utilised as a natural sweetener. It is far sweeter than regular sugar but has far fewer calories and is unlikely to result in problems such significant changes in blood sugar levels. It is the major component in the Cacao Bliss formula that gives it the sweet flavour and aids in satiating a user’s desires.


Amazing fruit called lucuma grows in Peru’s woods. The Indians refer to it as “the gold of the Incas,” and it was once offered as a ritual sacrifice to increase fertility. But it’s not just for those who wish to start a family. For those who struggle with diabetes and/or high blood sugar levels, lucuma is a natural sweetener with a low GI level. By providing your body with the healthy carbs it requires, it can increase energy levels. Additionally, it is high in calcium, beta-carotene, zinc, iron, Vitamin C, niacin, and fibre. It has a large number of antioxidants, antibacterial, and anti-fungal qualities in addition to more than a dozen vital trace minerals. It’s a fruit with a lot of punch that the more typical fruits we buy at the grocery store every day simply can’t compare to.

Mesquite pods powder

Natural sweetener mesquite has incredible superfood qualities. The approximately 6 grammes of protein, 253 mg of calcium, 998 mg of potassium, 69 mg of magnesium, and 25 grammes of fibre in a 100-gram portion of mesquite powder will help you feel full after eating and will help your digestive system get rid of waste. Additionally abundant in antioxidants, mesquite also possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Its low glycemic index makes it the perfect sweetener for people with diabetes.

Omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, are also present in mesquite. Your immune system will benefit from it, and it helps to build and repair muscles. The mineral magnesium aids in the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks as well as other mental health conditions including depression.

Black Pepper Fruit

The final component on the list is black pepper fruit. It’s not the least, though. The fact that black pepper fruit increases bioavailability may be its best feature. Simply put, black pepper fruit improves your ability to absorb other nutrients so you can benefit the most from them. For instance, combining black pepper extract with curcumin, which is included in turmeric, another component on our list, increases the substance’s bioavailability by a staggering 2000%. Additionally, eating black pepper fruit makes it easier for your body to absorb vitamins A, B6, and C. Black pepper fruit is also great for weight loss since it prevents the production of fat cells.

Cacao Bliss Benefits

  • Cacao Bliss is 100% organic and guilt-free.
  • Pure superfood cacao bliss has a lovely flavour.
  • There are no artificial flavours or sweeteners in this product.
  • This superfood complements those who avoid soy, dairy, and gluten.
  • Anyone who wishes to improve their health should use this product.
  • A nutritious portion of delectable delight is cacao joy.
  • Your physical and mental power are quickly increased by cacao bliss.
  • You sleep better and deeper than ever before thanks to this product.

How to Use Cacao Bliss

Cacao Bliss is a novel chocolate snack supplement that can help you live a more fulfilling life. Its primary components have been shown by science to improve happiness, social interaction, euphoria, memory, and hunger control. In order to experience joy and improve your life naturally, oxytocin and anandamide are needed.

Let’s examine a few of the issues with commonly available munchies.

Decrease in metabolism

Your normal snack foods don’t provide the nutritive components to support your metabolism. Sugary snacks don’t solve the issue and don’t aid in digestion by your metabolism.

Wasted Calories

You aren’t consuming nourishing meals when you snack. This indicates that you are consuming unnecessary calories and won’t experience any improvement. You can fill your stomach with active substances that will help improve your body and get you ready for the day instead of consuming empty calories. It’s no longer unhealthy to consume chocolate!

Problems sleeping

You’ll have a tougher difficulty falling asleep if you snack late at night since your body will be working to digest the meal. Consuming foods high in sugar may also put your body at risk for an insulin crash, which will lead to increased cravings. You can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer thanks to the healthy elements in cacao bliss.

Cacao Bliss Side Effect

Cacao Bliss is exclusively available on the internet. It requires a text-reading device and a dependable internet connection. However, if you prefer a paper-based version and have a stronger affinity with it, you may always print the eBook.

To properly achieve results, one must diligently study, comprehend, and adhere to the guidelines presented in this Cacao Bliss. As a result, it could be tedious and time-consuming for some. To get the intended outcomes, you must constantly utilise it.

Cacao Bliss Free Bounses

Each person who uses Cacao Bliss pills also gets two additional freebies. Those are:

Free Bonus 1: Cacao Lovers Cookbook

Subscribers to Cacao Bliss will get access to a number of lessons and instructions that will teach them how to use cacao powder to prepare various delicious treats.

Free Bonus 2: Meditations with cacao

The Cacao Meditation pairs perfectly with the recipes in the Cacao Lovers Cookbook and is available for download as audio files.

Where Can You Buy Cacao Bliss For The Best Price??

It is simple to get Earth Echo Cacao Bliss Superfood Elixir Blend directly from the manufacturer’s website ( After it has been changed, the supplement will be provided within a few days.

Anybody interested in purchasing the supplement has a selection of packages to pick from, including one-time purchases and deliveries after 30, 60, 90, or 120 days. The cost of the packages as of right now is:

  • $59.95 gets you 1 Cacao Bliss Pouch.
  • $39.95 for 3 Pouches
  • $199.00 gets you 5 pouches.

Orders over $150 shipped anywhere in the US are also free. The supplement lasts for thirty days on a single pouch. When placing an order on the website, be careful to consider how many pouches are required. Customers may discover Cacao Bliss listings on Amazon and Walmart, but it is strongly advised to only purchase from the official website. This protects both originality and quality.


  • Aids with weight loss.
  • Boosts one’s energy levels.
  • Increases productivity at work.
  • Safeguards heart health.
  • Boosts the quality of sleep.
  • Keeps chronic illnesses at bay.
  • Reduces levels of stress.


  • Only the official website is where you may purchase the item.
  • For those who are pregnant or nursing, it is not advised.
  • Individual outcomes can differ.
Cacao Bliss Testimonial


Cacao Bliss, a nutritional supplement created by Danette May, can help people lose weight if they are constantly giving in to their cravings for chocolate or sweets. Its incredible recipe prevents people from consuming extra calories while also efficiently supporting people in maintaining the motivation to become more active by continuing to be active and dynamic.

Maintain a healthy way of life while the boost can limit your cravings for sweet food choices. Try to put the energy to good use by exercising and keeping to a regular daily routine. The improvement will therefore be more practical. Additionally, be patient and resist the temptation to expect the outcomes to be obvious in a few days.

Solid weight loss often involves a weekly loss of just one to two pounds. The results could occasionally be significantly slower. Thus, keep in mind that the conversation is ongoing and avoid drawing comparisons between your actions and those of others. Visit the authoritative site here to learn about Cacao Bliss Reviews’ advantages and to set up it’s anything but a limited value!


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After Sale Support

Each Earth Echo Cacao Bliss powder purchase comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. A 60-day 100% money-back guarantee is offered if you do not like this product to give you a full refund.


Phone: 888-997-3851

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Cacao Bliss be safely used with medication?

Despite the fact that this product contains a lot of natural ingredients, anyone who is already taking medication should consult their doctor before beginning any supplementation, including Cacao Bliss.

Will users lose weight when they consume Cacao Bliss?

The user may lose weight if they utilise the supplement in conjunction with a balanced diet, but that isn’t the main goal.

How many servings are in each package?

Each package provides 30 servings, so customers who only consume one serving every day can last a whole month before needing to place another order.

How healthy is Cacao Bliss?

Along with cacao, the powder also contains a number of other superfoods. Each offers particular health benefits.


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